Samsung Galaxy S11 could launch in a few weeks with supercharged camera, boosted battery

SAMSUNG’s hotly-anticipated Galaxy S11 could launch in less than six weeks. So, what should we expect from this Galaxy S10 successor? Well, thankfully we have rounded-up all the information you need to know right here…

Samsung is poised to launch a next-generation flagship smartphone, dubbed Galaxy S11, next month at a high profile event in San Francisco, according to the latest whispers. While there a few dates floating around at the moment, the most reliable leaksters point to February 11, 2020 as the launch date.
The successor to the Galaxy S10 series, which boasted a triple-camera with ultra-wide angle and telephoto options, is believed to double-down on mobile photograph to catch-up with the likes of the iPhone 11 Pro and Google Pixel 4 ranges.
Building on the design of the Galaxy S10, Samsung looks set to curve the top and bottom of the AMOLED as well as the left and right sides. This will help the South Korean manufacturer squeeze more screen real estate into a smaller physical body. It will also help to remove any distraction caused by the bezels, which can make watching movies and playing games less immersive.