Burka ban in Denmark: The women facing fines for what they choose to wear #burqa #burka #burkaban #burqaban


Boris Johnson's recent comments about burkas, which have left him under investigation by the Conservatives, were made in response to Denmark's new ban on the face covering.
Sky's Europe correspondent Michelle Clifford has travelled to the country to talk to women who are now breaking the law because of what they wear.
In a car park in Copenhagen I meet Sabina.
She has the bright eyes of a young woman and, except for the hands, that is all I can see of her.
This 21-year-old Muslim who was born and bred in Denmark is wearing a niqab - a form of Islamic dress which covers her body and controversially her face in defiance of a ban in Denmark.
"I made the choice to wear the niqab two years ago," she says. "It was my choice. It makes me feel humbled before God. I see it as part of my faith and now it has become a part of my identity. Which is why I feel so strongly about it."
And she wears it speaking to me now as a law breaker. She risks being stopped by the police and fined every time she goes out in public wearing her chosen form of dress.
But she is defiant, saying: "It has now also become part of the protest against this ban."
Sabina is gathering with other niqab-wearing women outside a police station in the capital to protest against a new law that prohibits the wearing of any "garment that covers the face in public".It's being called the "burka ban", even by many of the politicians who voted it in, reflecting the fact that it will mainly target the more extreme forms of Islamic dress.
The women here see the law as an attack on their fundamental freedom to practise Islam the way they choose.
As they gather, they are joined by many non-Muslims wearing masks, animal head costumes and other fancy dress items to mock the legislation which came into force earlier this month.
Burka ban in Denmark: The women facing fines for what they choose to wear #burqa #burka #burkaban #burqaban