Beautiful Arab Girls

This is an updated list of ’50 most beautiful girls from Arab world’. We are thankful to one of our readers, Jad from Syria for his contribution to this list, Jad contributed 25 celebrities from Syria, Egypt & Lebanon and now this list have 50 beauties. If you know about any Arab celebrity that you think should have been included in this list, please let us know through comments and we will update this post.
1. Zeina an Egyptian actress best known for her soft features and spontaneous personality.
50 beautiful Arab girls
2. Sulaf Fawakherji is a beautiful actresses. She has performed in many syrian series like Muluk Al Tawaef, Thikrayat , AlZaman and AlQadem.
3. Rana Al Abiad is the most beautiful Syrian actress.
4. Jihan Abdelazim is a beautiful Arab actress. She also have won the title of miss Arab.
5. Dima Bayaa is one of the most beautiful syrian actress.
6. Yasmin abd is one of the most beautiful actress of Arab cinema industry.