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In October of 2014, Missshape launched its third installment of the Missshape Ambassadors collection in collaboration withYasmin Furmie, a former model and social worker.  In 2011 I was lucky enough to interview Yasmin for Voila!
Here is an excerpt from the piece I wrote:
“I have always loved clothes,” Yasmin says as she relays a story about her first fashion moment whilst making coffee in her kitchen. 
She was just thirteen years old and the object of her affection was a pair of imported camel boots from ABC that were too high and way too expensive for a thirteen year old.

A former social worker, this wife and mother of two still falls in love with and dreams about the things she wants. Except now the dreams are of Rodarte heels to add to her already impressive collection of handsome brogues, mouth-watering statement heels and high top sneakers.
A girl after my own heart indeed…
Missshape x Yasmin FurmieMissshape x Yasmin FurmieMissshape x Yasmin FurmieMissshape x Yasmin Furmie
Clothing Credits: Leather Jacket from Tiger Of Sweden | Mesh Overlay Dress from Missshape x Yasmin Furmie | Favorite Mules from Louis Vuitton
Photography by Keagan Kingsley Green of Gold Creatures

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